Le Collectionist

The leading platform for luxury villa rentals in Europe with more than 1,400 properties across the continent, Le Collectionist has the ambition to conquer the $35bn+ fragmented and archaic luxury holiday rental market. Its local-meets-digital business model combines deep regional expertise with a fully-integrated digital platform in order to bring outstanding bespoke experiences across its property portfolio.

Your holidays deserves to be unforgettable


With a Net Promoter Score above 70% and 1 in 4 customers performing repeat bookings, Le Collectionist is indisputably the most popular platform in a luxury holiday rental market lacking transparency and consistency.


The reason of its success? A stringent house vetting process (3% success rate) coupled with top-of-the-range bespoke experiences and concierge services, all enabled by a proprietary digital platform. 

Springing from the observation that the luxury holiday rental market is still fragmented and archaic as 98% of bookings are done via local offline brokers, Le Collectionist aims at bringing a consistent high standard of experience across a tailored portfolio of ultra-luxury properties throughout Europe in order to create the next-generation regional leader. 


Le Collectionist is already the indisputable leader in more than 20 European destinations and, in 2020, Condé Nast Traveller named it one of the best holiday companies in the world. At the core of its model lie the Tailors whose roles sit halfway between the one of a concierge and of a local travel advisor. Together with the clients, they will craft bespoke experiences with incomparable attention to detail so as to reach the company’s ultimate goal: making every moment of the client’s holiday magical.


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