The luxury market has always been constantly changing. It is currently undergoing major transformations.

The obsession with materialism, the compulsion for personal goods, all similar across the globe, differentiated by only a few details, and all expensive and sometimes for no understandable reason, is fading.

Consumers are now searching for meaning and engagement. This need for sense and purpose is being nurtured by an increased awareness of environmental and ethical values, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. It is also happening here and now: the immediacy of pleasure and convenience, with perfection delivered to your front door, fully personalised. 

We are witnessing the elimination of intermediaries and incoherent pricing policies; a major shake-up of traditional retail credos is in full swing. Since the early 1990's there has been an overload of bags, shoes and watches. People are now looking for experience and for joy, to share unique moments with their loved ones, creating memories that will last forever.

Luxury is in the process of changing its guise: showing the world an ephemeral act of consumption is now commonplace. Social media and apps are being used to broadcast people’s personalities and aspirations. You are the hotel you visit, the restaurant you dine in, the food and drinks you order. The art of making a statement on who you are has changed.

OLMA Luxury Holdings is listening to Millennials. It is this group of consumers who are at the forefront of sustainability, technological developments and digital disruption and thus pivotal in influencing the various directions in which the sector is heading. 

Key luxury assets such as fine food and beverages will persist. Authenticity, truth, generosity, care, personalisation are now all engraved in the cornerstone of luxury alongside the long-established values of quality, excellence and craftsmanship. 

Luxury is a matter of time. And time is a matter of change. OLMA Luxury Holdings intends to be at the heart of this ongoing change.


OLMA Luxury Holdings is investing in the fastest growing segments of the luxury market such as hospitality, fine food, health and beauty products, which reflect the transition away from ownership towards experience.

The OLMA team is a group of highly skilled and experienced solution-driven, people-focused, luxury sector specialists who who have worked in emerging markets as well as developed economies.

Successful entrepreneurs and high profile leaders in the luxury industry have invested in and alongside OLMA to assist its strategy to transform portfolio companies into success stories. The experience and extensive network of this club of investors is an outstanding asset for the development of OLMA Luxury Holdings.


OLMA invests in the fastest growing segments of the luxury market

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