Kronos 360

Kronos 360 is a marketplace for buying and selling luxury watches: new, pre-owned, and collector models from more 80 major watch brands. It is a trusted third party that secures transactions and ensures the authentication and traceability of each luxury watch as well as logistics and delivery with a one-year warranty. Authentic luxury watches from Kronos 360 are put on sale by individuals and collectors.

Luxury Watches for Discerning Collectors


For an inexperienced person, the purchase of a collector or vintage luxury watch from an individual can be considered a risk. Kronos 360 offers many advantages: a fair and reasonable price, quality after-sale service, and guarantee of authenticity and traceability.

Kronos 360 has the particularity of being at the meeting point of two distinct markets: the luxury one, strong and stable, and the second-hand market, which is in full expansion. Indeed, thanks to the rise of e-commerce, new consumption habits and growing watch enthusiast communities, the pre-owned luxury watch market has drastically transformed over recent years to become a booming industry.


Collector watches have been shown to be a safe investment that appreciates over time. Collector watches are among the many options for luxury investment, such as antique cars, works of art or fine wines, luxury watches have the advantage of being easy to store and sell. In recent years, there has been a strong increase in the sale of second-hand luxury watches, since a new luxury watch may initially lose value. The market is strong for collectible watches and the cost-to-value ratio is certifiable for each model.


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