Founded in 2018, Fit:Match is a B2B2C tech platform enabling clothing brands to provide their customers with the best-fit products for their size. At Fit:match, innovation and AI unite to create a transformative fit experience. More than just a brand, we are a revolution, on a mission to provide hyper-personalized experiences based on shape.

Fit:Match: A perfect size, every time

Today, 70% of clothing returns are due to poor fit and 25% are thrown away. Fit:Match addresses a $5 billion global market for people with fitness needs for clothes that are difficult to fit.


Fitmatch has built a solution to provide accurate fit predictions based on shape in order to best connect brands and shoppers and avoid returns:

1) Shoppers complete a 20 second scan through the website/app or in-store fitting rooms

2) Video generates anonymised avatar which is sliced and stored through our patented methodology

3) Users are matched to the best fitting digital twin, based on over 1,000 metrics


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