Artemest was founded in 2015 with the aim of celebrating and sustaining Italian craftsmanship. It is a leading online marketplace for contemporary luxury design products and the largest network of Italian high-end artisans and small luxury brands. By bringing online 1,000+ of the most skilled Italian artisans and artists, the platform offers a unique opportunity to shop for more than 35,000 exclusive furniture and design products which are unavailable elsewhere online.

Welcome to the world of luxury craftsmanship


The platform provides a carefully curated collection of furniture, lighting, home décor and artwork in the quest to support highly skilled producers to adapt to the new digital economy, giving international visibility to some of the best products in the world. 


In order to successfully accomplish this objective, it has set up a full-service one-of-a-kind offer, of which is the showcase. 

Focused on Italian artisans and small luxury brands, Artemest benefits from the high perceived value of the Italian furniture industry with Italy ranking third in the high-end furniture exports worldwide and remaining the leading country when it comes to contemporary furniture design in terms of offer diversity and image.


Artemest shares the values of the luxury industry of tomorrow in its aim of celebrating craftsmanship and offering access to exceptional products internationally through digital capabilities. It provides the perfect answer to artisans by offering them an easy, fast and secure track towards digitalisation and export. It matches the needs of many industry players by enhancing the product-to-market strategy and process, and fills the gaps where artisans generally lack the necessary resources to thrive in tomorrow’s global and digital economy.


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