Click & Boat

Click & Boat is the leading international marketplace for bareboat and private yacht charters, with more than 35,000 boat rentals available in more than 80 countries. It operates on a simple principle connecting boat owners – with thousands of potential boats and yachts which in many cases are used for only a few days a year - and renters - wishing to enjoy boating and the pleasure of the sea at their leisure, whether for a half-day or a week, providing unique and endless rental opportunities.

The leading boat rental platform in Europe


With 94% customer satisfaction and 1 in 4 customers performing repeat bookings, Click & Boat is an acclaimed solution for both boat owners and renters in a market which for years has been awaiting change and transparency. 


The service is based on a simple commission arrangement and can be topped-up with additional services for owners (boat management) and renters (complimentary insurance, skipper, chef).

Conceived out of a ground assessment of issues previously encountered when renting boat, the platform optimises what was formerly a slow, difficult, unreliable and opaque process for renters left by connecting renters to a potential pool of thousands of unsued boats, allowing owners to generate revenue confidently and safely, and decrease the net maintenance costs of their boats.


Click & Boat has proven successful in its quest to revolutionise the boat rental sector, is followed and endorsed by many insiders and praised in the media. Record setting professional offshore yacht racer François Gabart has joined the company as shareholder and official ambassador, listing his own boat on the platform. CNN has referred to the company as ‘the Airbnb of the Seas’ and The Times dubbed it ‘the Uber of the boating world’.


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