Caviar de Neuvic

Caviar de Neuvic is a French caviar manufacturer and distributor which aims at marrying excellence in taste and quality with environmental sustainability and respect. It embodies French heritage with its caviar farming and Millennials’ quest for change, offering an exceptional product reflecting both. Located in the Dordogne countryside, it produces caviar from the fresh waters of the river L’Isle and takes pride in its treatment of its sturgeon stocks. It is a company deeply rooted in its local community and loyal to those traditional values.

Caviar: a luxury product at the heart of culinary art


Caviar de Neuvic has become a new flagship for quality and the art of living: it is a centrepiece of the French gastronomic tradition.

It is with great pride that Caviar of Neuvic offers its customers the opportunity to experience the refined quality of this precious product, prized since ancient times and across a range of ultimate taste sensations.

With the extinction of the Caspian sturgeon source, the disappearance of wild caviar, and the formal international ban on its capture in 2010, Caviar de Neuvic was created with the objective of raising sturgeon in an environmentally-friendly way and producing high-quality French caviar. The company has been seizing the opportunities arising from significant changes in the caviar production market worldwide. 


The brand’s strength lies in its respect for the product and its unique taste characteristics, its ambition to seduce new discerning consumers worldwide and embody the best of French gastronomy, as well as its positioning as a brand aspiring to initiate a new culture of caviar.


Innovation and research, protection of nature the environment as well as respect for the know-how and long-standing tradition of caviar consumption are at the heart of the ambitions of Caviar de Neuvic.


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