Covid-19 pandemic solidarity and generosity actions from our portfolio companies

The luxury industry must play a leading role in transforming society by example. It is an inspiration and one of the engines of creativity in our society and in crisis situations, it must be exemplary. Many luxury houses and groups have come forward during the dramatic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

OLMA and its portfolio companies have been no exception. Each of the various teams and companies has been keen to demonstrate its support and solidarity in the context of the confinement and unusual needs during the crisis:

  • Very early on, the team at Caviar de Neuvic assembled several tens of thousands of face masks used in the laboratory and for fish farming to distribute them to local hospital staff and nursing homes. They organised a distribution system at the most crucial moment of the spread of the pandemic before any public concerted action. In addition, numerous food resources including 200kg of sturgeon were offered to the Secours Populaire local branch to help the most vulnerable in need. The founder and president of Caviar de Neuvic, Laurent Deverlanges, has shown great willingness, generosity and extraordinary efficiency and reactivity, all virtues which we consider should be publicly acknowledged. Finally, like its founder, teams at Caviar de Neuvic made individual commitments to hospitals and nursing homes in a broad surge in solidarity.
  • Domaine Chanzy wanted to offer those hospital staff the hardest hit by the crisis some comfort and a token of recognition. Several thousand bottles of its production were distributed voluntarily by the teams of Domaine Chanzy. Hospital staff in the most affected regions, including in the East of the country and the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region have thus been able to benefit from the fruit of the work of Domaine Chanzy’s teams.
  • Hotel Le Montrachet took advantage of the time available due to its closure to prepare meals for the nursing homes and hospital staff in the Bourgogne Franche Comté region. It is once again the teams of the hotel who spontaneously, voluntarily and effectively united their forces in the battle.

OLMA salutes all those who have shown genuine altruism and who have shown themselves to be exemplary during this ordeal. OLMA, its team and its portfolio companies have all united together in support of the fundamental and ethical values which we all share.