Prunier caviar is getting a new boost

With the majority holding of its capital by OLMA Luxury Holdings, Caviar House & Prunier Group, specialist in the production of French sturgeon eggs and the distribution of fine food, intends to step up, especially in digital.

15/07/2021 Les Echoes

Soon to be 150 years old, Prunier, the brand behind the first oyster and champagne bar in Paris and long held by Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent, is opening a new page in its history. Caviar House & Prunier Group, which specializes in the production of French caviar and also marketing and distribution of fine foods and smoked salmon, sees the arrival of a new majority shareholder, OLMA Luxury Holdings.

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Peter G. Rebeiz, Chairman & CEO of Caviar House & Prunier, together with OLMA Luxury Holdings, have joined forces in July 2021 to continue the development of the leading fine food brands Caviar House, Prunier and Balik, and strengthen the leadership position of this century-old emblematic pioneer of French gastronomy, through its numerous stores, restaurants and bars. This exciting partnership came from a unifying vision of the group and its values, and a shared ambition: ascertain the pre-eminence of the vertically integrated model, with full control of production and promote the art of French caviar to embody experiential luxury throughout the world.

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L'ancienne Maison de Caviar de Pierre Bergé Change de Mains

L'ancienne maison de caviar de Pierre Bergé change de mains