MMC Montres Modernes & de Collection

Montres Modernes & de Collection is the leading independent European online operator for pre-owned luxury watches. It provides sellers with watch valuation, refurbishment and certification service to enable them sell their fine watches through the MMC platform at maximum value. Since its debut, Montres Modernes & de Collection has been building a loyal, highly valuable customer base that engages in fair watch trading and advocating for a more sustainable consumption in line with recent customer trends.

The first choice for pre-owned luxury watches

With its ease of access, speed, security and transparency, Montres Modernes & de Collection provides the smartest way to trade watches. It has the most advanced pricing technology in the market, which is a key asset to optimise pricing and improve commission rates. 

Additionally, the continuous improvement of its IT facilitates and strengthen the scalability of its business model.

The pre-owned luxury market is just emerging. With a current available asset pool of €213bn, it is due to grow by €25bn+ per year, i.e. size of the primary market annually and has the potential to become up to 10x the size of the primary market.

Montres Modernes & de Collection embodies the current transformation of the luxury industry: 100% digital, offering buying options that fit the increased consumer consciousness through sustainable consumption as well as matching the rising demand for transparency and the shift from ownership towards use.


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