World Travel: Best Ski Destinations for the Season


The season is off to ап early start in many of the ski resorts around the world, and iп preparation for your very own ski holiday, this bespoke collection features several of the best locations and hotels for world-class skiing, and first-class services.

Hotel Mont-Blanc, Chamonix, France

This legendary hotel at the foot of Mont-Blanc is everything you expect from a hotel with more than 100 years of making history and as one of the true symbols of the Valley. The hotel has been completely renovated to now include modern touches and an entirely new level of high-mountain exclusivity; while still maintaining that Hôtel Mont-Blanc level of personalized service and prestige.


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Created in 2014 by renowned entrepreneur Jean-Philippe Cartier, H8 Collection is a luxury boutique hotel group with assets located in the most visited and beautiful regions of France. The group also operated two Michelin star restaurants at La Maison d’Uzès (*) and at Les Hauts de Loire (**). A stay at an H8 Collection hotel is above all about experience, be it at Hotel Mont-Blanc in Chamonix where, summer and winter alike, the hotel offers the pleasure of waking up facing Mont-Blanc; or at Le Vieux Castillon in Provence at the heart of an authentic medieval village, for a unique and magical stay full of charm and poetry.

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