Portfolio: Click & Boat

Click&Boat is the professional and private yacht charter platform
On average, among the million boats in France, very few are used for more than 10 days a year. Maintenance, insurance, mooring:. a boat is expensive, sometimes very expensive with the annual expenses representing, on average, 10% of the price of the boat every year.
Click&Boat offers a solution: a collaborative platform based on sharing and trust, to allow boat owners to earn money, confidently and safely.
The principle is simple: owners can create a free listing for their boat by adding pictures, a description, a price, and some advice about the sailing area. Renters can then contact them directly with the Click&Boat messaging service to ask any questions. Owners can access the sailing CV of the renter and can confidently choose the right sailors for their boats.
Renters can choose between several hundred boats in within a sailing area, benefiting from comments from previous renters and can contact the owner to ensure that their planned sailing trip will go off without a hitch. Every boat is insured by its owner for yacht chartering.