OLMA Artificial Intelligence Industry Review: The Machines Wise Up

OLMA is pleased to share this review of the promising Artificial Intelligence industry and hope it will shed light on the industry’s revolutionary technologies that are impacting all fields related to human perception, thought and decisions and perhaps the destiny of human life on earth.

The exponential increase of the power of computer processors and the accumulation of collections of “Big Data” over recent decades have provided the entry point for Artificial Intelligence to have a growing impact on every aspect of life throughout the entire world.

For business, AI promises not only to help to reduce labour costs but also to create new opportunities and assist companies to strategise, evaluate options, calculate probabilities and make smarter decisions. Artificial Intelligence is a new “revolution” that will rival the agriculture and industrial revolutions of previous millennia for influence. Such revolutions transformed all of human life globally at a fundamental level.

OLMA undertakes reviews of certain industries and businesses that are of interest for current and future potential investments. These reviews are for internal use by OLMA partners and analysts to provide them with insight into those industries and businesses, and relevant links to other information resources to assist them to perform their own analyses.

Artificial Intelligence Industry Review on SlideShare

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