The first of the “Culinary Imagination Workshops” for the Foundation no doubt aroused taste buds. The chef from Onzain revealed his secrets. A treat.

Imagination is what the two-starred chef Rémy Giraud has in spades. He usually officiates in his kitchen at Domaine des Hauts de Loire in Onzain. Add to this his expertise and undeniable captivating manner, it becomes a “cocktail” to offer for the Imagination Workshops of the “Foundation du Doute”. Yesterday, Tuesday, there were six participants to enjoy this “Lesson on Asparagus.” Without moderation.

Astrid spends a lot of time in the kitchen, Tiphaine is eager for advice, Susan admires the dexterity of the chef … who offers to teach them three recipes: Asparagus Vinaigrette “ideal with foie gras, fish or vegetables”, an entrée with asparagus and creamed egg, and garlic butter. What is this? A wild flower … ideal flavor with cooked asparagus.

“To make good food, you need good products” says Rémy Giraud as he details every step, shows a trick there, and provides a story to go with it.

Le chef Rémy Giraud livre ses petits secrets de cuisine